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Born and bred in Singapore for women with high standards, we make period and feminine products with you in mind. No hidden ingredients or artificial scent.
No Hidden Ingredients

There’s nothing to hide! All our products are made with premium quality materials and we do not use any harmful chemicals in any parts of our manufacturing process. No ink and no artificial scent too!

Enhanced by Nature

Our sanitary pads are infused with dried leaves and stalks from Mint, Motherwort and several others. The formula helps to reduce odour and itch naturally. You’ll love the natural scent!

Enjoy Comfortable Periods, Naturally

We experience period cramps because our uterus is contracting to help expel its lining. Our sanitary pads and liners are infused with the Motherwort, commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce cramps naturally.


What Our Customer Say About Our Products

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Ultra Liners (18 cm)

One of Padeve’s bestsellers is our Ultra Liners. Our premium pantyliners are made of high-quality materials and are crafted at the amazing length of 18cm! Our pantyliners are extremely smooth and comfortable, and they give you a cooling and refreshing sensation too!

Ultra Day (24cm)

The Ultra Day Herbal Sanitary Pad is specially designed for regular use. The smooth cottony surface of the product ensures you maximum comfort through the day. The sanitary pad also provides a cooling and refreshing feeling!

Ultra Night (29cm)

The Ultra Night Herbal Sanitary Pad provides better protection against those annoying leaks and stains. If you experience heavy flow, you may choose to use this as your choice of pad in the day too!

All Night (33cm)

The Padeve All Night Herbal Sanitary Pad is specially designed to ensure you a worry-free sleep all night long. With a length of 33cm, it provides extra protection from leaks without being too long that it disturbs your beauty sleep! Its unique ergonomic design provide comfort like no other! Good night, sleep tight!

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