Herbal Formula

Our sanitary pads and liners are infused with a specially-formulated mixture of herbs to ensure maximum comfort without having to use any harmful chemicals or ingredients. These herbs are safe and commonly used in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

While we do our best to research and explain these traditional Chinese herbs in simple words, do consult your TCM practitioner should you need more information or have questions about the herbs.

Below are a list of sun-dried herbs that can be found in our sanitary pads and liners.

Motherwort (益母草)

Also known as Leonurus cardiaca, the Motherwort has been credited with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes and especially an ability to improve heart function and blood circulation.

During menstruation, our uterus sheds its lining by contracting. The uterus needs to contract harder when the blood is thicker, possibly caused by genetic reasons, stress, late nights and yes, regular consumption of cold drinks!

By improving our blood circulation, our uterus does not need to contract as hard to shed its lining. Thus, we feel less cramps naturally! No painkillers, no drugs!

Peppermint (薄荷)

Also known as Mentha piperita, the Peppermint is often used eastern and western products to treat and soothe skin conditions, headaches, cold and flu.

When using our sanitary pads and liners, you’ll feel a slight cooling sensation on your skin. Unlike products you may find in the market, our products create this comfortable sensation through the natural peppermint leaves that are infused within the sanitary pads and liners.

It has anti-itch qualities and it’s unique scent helps to reduce odour too.

Borneol (冰䆫)

Also known as Blumea Balsamifera, the Borneol plant is one of the most most common herb you’ll find in TCM establishment due to its many benefits.

Like the Motherwort, it provides natural relief to pain and aches.

Its ability to kerb itch naturally makes it a go-to ingredient for insect repellents and other kind ointments.

Huang Bai (冰䆫)

Also known as, Phellodendron Chinense or Chinese Cork Tree, this tree is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its bark.

It has natural antibacterial qualities so we do not need to use any artificial chemicals in our products!

This herb is commonly use to treat vaginal infections and other skin diseases too.

Fructus Cnidii (蛇床子)

Also known as, Cnidii Monnieri Fructus, this herb is also commonly used to treat skin conditions like itchy skin, rashes and eczema.

This herb is included in our formula to enhance the comfort during use. This is so that we can minimise the possibility of itch when using the product.