Sanitary Pads & Liners


Sanitary pads and liners produced with you in mind. No dyes, no artificial scent, no toxins. Infused with traditional herbs to make your period experience amazing.


Key Features:

  • No chemicals or hidden ingredients
  • Alleviate cramps naturally
  • Reduces odour
  • Cooling sensation for comfort

Here's What Our Happy Customers Have To Say About Us


Gave Padeve Ultra Pad a try and I must say it is now my favourite sanitary pad!
It is super absorbent and because it is so thin, I do not even feel like I have one on me. I have always been searching for thin pads but those I tried sometimes did not absorb well and caused leakage.
But not these herbal sanitary pads! Yes, herbal they are! Their night pads are a must-try! Feeling all dry and confident throughout the night even when the flow gets heavy.
Say NO to sleepless nights! Finally!
Also Padeve Pads are made from natural herbs called “Motherwort” which help to aid menstrual cramps, perfect for ladies who suffer annoying cramps every month. You will love the herbal scent too.


I can confidently say “Happy Period Time”! Definitely gonna share this joy with you ladies- Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads
A very interesting product indeed, these pads are different from those I always use. They’re infused with herbs that not only curb those odour, but also ease your menstrual cramps. Keeping you refreshed all day (with a cooling sensation)


It is important to be as comfortable as you can be when you’re on your period.
Padeve is a SUPER SOFT herbal infused scented pad that will provide you with the comfort and relief you’ll need when it’s that time of the month.
To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of pads or anything herbal but, I have to say, Padeve really impressed me.
Firstly, I love how the strong scent of the pad eliminates the odour. In addition, it is said that the natural herbs instilled in the pad has the capability of reducing cramps. . Unfortunately, I couldn’t experience the reduction of cramps test because I generally do not struggle with period cramps.
Nonetheless, this is brand is still worth a try in my opinion


Maybe if period cramps burned calories, it'll be worth it ???? but this no longer needs to be the case!
So grateful to @padevesg for these sanitary pads that makes use of a herbal formula that improves blood circulation and prevents that awful odour ???????? really a game changer for all ladies out there!
feeling fresh and comfy during your period starts here!

I’m really in love with them !! It really does feel different using the products from them !!
Padeve is a local brand ❤️ and their feminine products are made of high quality materials and natural herbs to curb odour and alleviate period cramps!
Best of all, their products do not contain harmful chemicals or artificial scent and are suitable for ladies with sensitive skins!


Good day everyone! No more grumpy me on my red days. Thanks to @padevesg I can now confidently say ‘Happy period time!’. Have a happy day guys!
Smileee .. Xoxo